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Compostable Thermoforming Material

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Compostable Thermoforming Material 

Product Specifications

Product nameCompostable Thermoforming Material
Packaging 25kgs/bag
MOQ1 metric ton
CertificatesASTM D6400, BPI
ApplicationProduction of PLA sheet, PLA tray, heat-resistant products like CPLA cup lid etc. 
AdvantagesSuitable for direct production, no need to add any other additives.

Product Details

Thermoforming Material(图1)

Product Photos 

Compostable Thermoforming Material(图2)

Compostable Thermoforming Material(图3)

Compostable Thermoforming Material(图4)

Compostable Thermoforming Material(图5)


Q. What is your MOQ for compostable material?

MOQ:  1 metric ton

Q: Is custom formula available?

Q: How long does this product degrade?
Under industrial composting environment, it will decompose into water and carbon dioxide within 180 days. 

Q: What information do you need for a quotation?
1. (Must) Product application and properties requirements like transparency, color etc. 
2. (Must) Your estimated quantity
3. (Must) Port of destination

Q: Is sample free? How long does it take for your to get a sample?
1.Sample is charged for this product.
[Existing product] 7 days to get sample 

Q. Do you have quality control for finished goods?
Yes, we thrive to apply the highest QC standards in our production process. It ensures you to get the best products to meet your needs.

Q: How do you shipping?
FOB Shanghai or CIF.